New Website Launch!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for following our journey and keeping abreast of the latest health advice. The time has come to redesign and re-brand myself.  With heaps of help from from Chair 8 Media, I am launching my new website today!

Welcome to FamilyWellnessTips
Family-Wellness-Tips copy

Follow the link and sign up for weekly updates on the latest posts and shenanigans without missing a beat.   My weekly updates are created to inspire you and your family to make small changes, the foundation for greatness.  Come join me, share with friends, spread the word, and let’s be the change in the world.

Unfortunately, I cannot transfer my MC2Charlotte Followers because it’s a new platform, so come on over to the new site and check out the new design and new posts.

Greatness is not measured by money or stature, it is measured by Courage and Heart,  Wishing you good health, Ana-Maria Temple, MD


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