My Personal Skin and Living Regiment

With the recent launch of my One Minute Pediatrics series on Instagram @familywellnesstips, many ladies have asked me to outline my skin regiment.

Here is my anti-aging journey, an illustration of Functional Medicine at work. Aging skin is not a simple issue that requires a single pill or a cream.  It’s a complex puzzle that requires many pieces to fit well together for a polished product.  There is no end.  There are only steps towards a better TODAY.


I am a 43 years old and I have been married for 19years with 3 teenage children. At the age of 30, I learned to love and treasure my skin.  At age 34, I came to appreciate my body (a bit late, but better then never).  My health journey truly began 9 years ago, with changes made every few months.  It’s not a perfect system. It has it’s flaws and wrinkles.  It’s a work in progress.

Step 1:  My Eating Plan is colorful with ingredients found in nature.  If I can’t read it, I don’t eat it.

  • I start every day with coffee, 2 cups.
  • Morning Smoothies are a must,
  • Breakfast with eggs, PB,  Museli and Yogurt,  or Perfect Bars.
  • 10-20 oz of water
  • Lunch – leftovers or some kind of salad with chicken, feta cheese, and protein.  Home Made Salad Dressing.  Just recently started adding 1 Tbsp of Turmeric to this fabulous dressing.  2 pieces of milk chocolate (I can occasionally do dark)
  • 40 oz of water
  • Snack – fruits, mainly berries, cheese, meats, nuts, hummus
  • Dinner – home made 5/7nights a week with protein/veggies/complex carbs and my 2 pieces of chocolate.  Lots of recipes on this blog for quick healthy weeknight meals.
  • Limited Gluten in my diet due to bloating (it also improved my skin).
  • No fast food, no soda for 9 years, no juices or sugary drinks.  I like my occasional vodka and soda.
  • No smoking, no drugs.

Step 2: My Fitness Plan is varied and fun.  A celebration of my body, not a punishment.

  • I love cross training and it is a scheduled event.  It is an appointment for myself because I love my body and I am less psycho after a good workout.
  • Overall, I work out 5 times a week.  Workouts vary: 1hour yoga, 30 min cross training, mediocre tennis, running 5k races (new in NZ), mountain biking with my hubby (new in NZ), or hiking with the family.  My family is generally involved in most of these activities.

Step 3: My Anti-Stress Plan addresses many areas of life and it includes the entire family.

  • Regular fitness routine that is varied and fun
  • Great Sleep
  • Turning my phone off at 7pm (except on call)
  • Marriage Counseling:
    • My husband and I have worked with a couple of marriage counselors to help decrease the stress in our household.  Both of us have always had very busy careers and our children were over-scheduled. My husband suffered from physician burnout which created tremendous anxiety.  I had little experience in this area.  Our communication went down the tubes, resentment sky rocketed, wrinkles increased, and it all came crashing down 15years into our marriage.
    • Thank you team Marriage Counceling:
      • marriage re-prioritized
      • household  re-organized
      • parenting styles re-designed
      • household chores re-distributed
      • team effort re-energized

Step 4: My Sleep Plan is of utmost importance.

  • Unless something amazing is going down, I am asleep by 10PM and awake by 6-6:30AM
    • How does a mama get sleep?
      • see marriage counseling above; very important points.
      • no phone in my room, ever
      • I try to get off my phone by 7pm.  I have been doing a poor job with this since the One Minute Pediatric video launch.  A work in progress.
      • children are allocated chores – dog, dishes, cleaning, trash, making lunches, grocery shopping in NZ, setting tables, etc.
      • when I arrive home from work, all children must put all electronic devices away and everyone is expected to help, or confiscation of said devices for 24hrs.  This momma doesn’t care about whining.

Step 5: My Supplement Plan is an addition to healthy eating, not a substitution.

** this is what works for me and my body, please speak with your doctor about what is right for you**

  • Juice Plus Red, Green, Purple (9 years)  – the studies show increased skin turgor, decreased wrinkles, increased skin plumpness.  Study on Increased Circulation and More skin studies.
  • Probiotics (3 years) -VSL3 in the US in light of the medical research showing how much it reduces inflammation.  A healthy gut absorbs nutrition much better.
  • Vitamin D3 (4 years) 1000 international units daily – as prescribed by my doctor for anti-inflammation
  • Collagen Supplement in the AM (2 years)– I used Reservage Collagen Powder before leaving the US because it contains Verisol, the collagen formulation studied – 2014 study , Another More In-depth Prevention Article.  In NZ, I use Light House brand.
  • Omega 3 – (3 years) Nordic Naturals because of the clean reports and 3rd party evaluation.  Udo’s Oil is great, but I cannot stomach it.  Barleans Oil is loved by my kids.

Step 6: Lotions and Potions are an addition to the previous steps, not a replacement.

** This is what works for me.  As always, a work in progress**

  • AM
    • rinse face with water
    • Pure Haven Hyaluronic Acid – clean and effective moisture boosting serum (EWG 1 rating).
    • Eye Cream 100% pure coffee eye cream (thinkdirty app 0).  100% Pure
    • 100% pure superfruits  balm thin application (thinkdirty app 0)
    • Skinceuticals Pysical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 water resistant (ThinkDirtyApp 7.  My skin loves it, AND I use it regularly. All other clean SPFs tried, hated). amazon
    • Lip Balm – 100% pure Lysine and herbs (thinkdirty app 0)
  • Middle of the Day – more SPF
  • PM
    • wash make up off with Oil of Olay Wash Cloths
    • Rhodan and Fields Roller
    • Retin A – Anti-Aging Remedies Reviewed in the Journal of DermatoEndocrinology
    • 100% Pure Superfruits Balm thin in summer, thicker in winter
    • Eye Cream Rhodan and Fields – works best on my blue saggy under eye circles (EWG4), tried it all
    • Lip Moisturizer – Rhodan and Fields Redefine Lip Serum – best night moisturizer for me
    • Rhodan and Fields Lash Boost – it works.  My R+F consultant

Step 7:  Skin Therapies are generally not as effective if used as a replacement for the above.

  • Dermapen per skin therapist protocol – tiny needles that stimulate my collagen. Hyaluronic Acid after with SPF.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Peels per my skin therapist every 4 times a year.

Living is a work of art.  We are born as a blank canvas.  We choose the tools and materials.  Our daily masterpiece is a composition of all the choices we make.

Ana-Maria Temple, MD


14 thoughts on “My Personal Skin and Living Regiment

  1. Love this post Ana Maria! This was so timely for me personally as I just started adding some products to enhance my skin care regimen with the help of EWG. It is nice to have a compass pointing to a few skin care lines as there are so many to select from it can be overwhelming. Thank you, Sherri B

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sherri. So glad it’s helpful. Not all my products are clean. But you know that I try lots of skin care before I settle on one. The search can be exhausting. Miss you and hugs from across the world. Ana


  2. Dr. Temple – Thanks so much for sharing your skin regimen. Can you please share your makeup too? It is beautiful and makes me want to redo mine when I see your videos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure thing. I use Mac Bronzer. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, liner, blush. I use a NZ brand of mascara cause US brands are $29 here. I tried clean makeup but it’s less then spectacular so back to my usual. Thank you so much for the compliment.


  3. Love this! I’m 32 and the skincare portion I am right on. I love skincare! Thanks for your comments on the marriage counseling. I’m not married yet but 6 yrs and waiting, I think it is overall a healthy idea to seek a family counselor in general. I’m going to work on that and my exercise routines. Love your blogs! Keep them coming! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments and support. Skin care is about the whole picture not just the cells on our face. I wish you luck and blessing on your journey. Ana


    1. Hi Stephanie. I only use my skinceuticals spf. I don’t use foundation. I do use concealer for my dark under eye circles but it’s bobby brown. I have not found a better one yet. Still searching. When I go back to the US I plan on ordering 100%pure concealer and see how it works.


  4. Ana Maria, I absolutely enjoyed reading your regimen! I feel I’m neglecting some of the important aspects of my life that you mentioned here and your words were an inspiration for me to start changing that. You are so wonderful to share it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Regina. Thank you for your wonderful compliment. It’s funny that when we think skin care we automatically think lotions, when in fact there is a whole body and mind approach that needs to take place first. All the best. Ana


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