Food Shopping in New Zealand, Be Inspired

One of the many beautiful things about New Zealand, is Market Day.  I practice medicine with a functional approach, and I always speak to my families about buying fresh food and cooking at home like people used to do it long ago.

My sayings are something like this:

  • If you can’t read it, don’t eat it, when discussing food in packages.
  • Label reading is time consuming. Therefore buy fresh food.  There are no packages and therefore no labels.
  • Chronic disease treatment begins with what’s on your plate.
  • Food is medicine.

BUT, I did not really know how to food shop until I landed in Wellington, NZ and I was introduced to The Sunday Market.  Being surrounded by the beauty you are about to see, it makes it difficult for me to even walk into a grocery store anymore.

Welcome to my Farmacy!

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.  When diet is correct, medicine is of no need – Ayurvedic proverb.

In good health, Ana-Maria Temple, MD

Picture from – amazing whole food art

6 thoughts on “Food Shopping in New Zealand, Be Inspired

  1. Hi Dr. Temple! You look like you are having so much fun! I wanted you to know that I made my own scoby and I am on my second batch of kombucha, I have made my own tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes, I am making my own tinctures with fresh herbs, I have stopped all of my psych meds, I am making fresh herbal teas and coffees and have quit drinking coffee. I am gluten free and sugar free and have lost 20 POUNDS! I have a lot of energy and doing more things with the kids now. Oh and yes…we buy organic milk. haha…

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    1. Hi Jennifer, your words just lit up my day. I am so proud of all the efforts and changes you are making. It sounds like you are healthier which by default means the kids are healthier. Keep up the great job and may your story inspire others to join the journey to better health. Hugs


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