Pokemon Go Details

The New App that is taking the world by storm – Pokemon Go

What you need to know:

  • Released with the last 10 days
  • Everyone is obsessed with this app
  • It’s outperforming Twitter already
  • It uses your phone location to find pokemons
  • Pokemon appears on your phone wherever you point your camera
  • The goal is to walk and find as many pokemons as possible
  • This means grocery stores, across the street, you house, the park, dark alleys, deserted building, etc
  • Problem: playing and walking while looking at the phone has been causing problems such as walking into walls, other people, or pedestrian injuries.
  • Other issues that have already come up – going into alley where thugs are waiting to mug people, wondering into deserted parking lots where people are waiting to cause trouble, entering deserted building where nothing good is going on, etc.
  • More issues: another temptation to text and drive.  You get more points walking then driving, but the app is active while the car is moving.   Beware!!

Find out more :  Pokemon Go becomes a global craze

Special thanks to The Skimm for the latest news.

In Good Health, Ana-Maria Temple, MD

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