HPV vaccine, What You Need to Know

Check-up season is here. It’s time for camp forms, college paperwork, sports physicals, vison check, hearing evaluations, and immunizations.  

The most distressing part of the annual evaluation for kids and parents is the vaccine administration.  Even though immunizations have been show over the years and in thousands of articles to be one of the miracles of modern science to save lives and to decrease disease burden, people are still worried.  

During the summer, I see lots of teens. The specific vaccine recommended at this age and the one which leads to hundresds of questions and sleepless nights is the HPV vaccine.  Dr. Curtis McDonald and I recently wrote an article for Charlotte Smarty Pants on this topic.  Please follow the link below to better understand the medical facts (not Facebook facts and fears), the risks involved in declining the vaccine, and the general overall picture that is The Humman Papilloma Virus. 
As usual, comments and suggestions are welcome. 

HPV Vaccination Questions and Answers as published by Charlotte Smarty Pants. 
In Good Health, Ana-Maria Temple, MD

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