Motivating Children To Change


Motivating Children to Change.

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momandjakeThis is a blog focused on change and dedicated to the health and wellness for the whole family.

 I am a local pediatrician and mother of 3 kids.  My family and I immigrated from Romania in 1984. Through the immigration process and the steps needed to adjust to a whole new culture and a new way of life, I have been taught that change happens, change can be great, though hard, change can lead to amazing things.

In my Pediatric Practice, I am always discussing ways to change and improve the body, the mind, and various habits. I am not satisfied with just medications to address a problem.  The cause of illness is intriguing and disease prevention is paramount to a healthy and long life.  Through the basics of nutrition, sleep, and exercise, I plan to reach The Children and prepare them to help us change for the better.

Why am I focusing on the children? Over the past two decades there has been a shift in the family dynamic.  Families used to be parent led.  In current times, families are child centered/led family units. img_8650-1 Children have been given a voice, their opinions have been embraced, and they have been encouraged to speak their minds.  In this transition of empowering children, parents have taken somewhat of a back seat to their children’s wishes and wants.  Thus, to continue on this empowerment journey, I strive to reach the kids and teach them responsibility for their bodies and wellbeing and subsequently improve the entire family’s health.


Let’s help Children be the Power of Change to Energize our Families.


Lastly, while educating other families about change, my own family is undertaking a Move to New Zealand Oct 3, 2016 for 1 year.  Our struggles and accomplishments will be journaled and weaved into my health focused blog posts.

In Good Health,

Ana-Maria Temple, MD

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